How to Fix a Burned Circuit Board

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If your computer suddenly crashes, it may be due to a burned circuit board.

A circuit board is one of the key components that is responsible for the normal operation of a computer. These are better known as motherboards. Over time, a computer can become overheated; this can result is the circuit board becoming damaged and in need of repair. With some technical skill and a few tools, you can repair a circuit board yourself.


Step 1

Look at the burned circuit board and examine the size of the discolored area, which distinguishes the burned portion of the circuit board. Determine the depth of the damage from the burn. The burned portion of a circuit board will range in color anywhere from medium brown to black, and this material should always be removed.


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Step 2

Use a small screwdriver to cut away at the burned portion of the circuit board. Note that the material will be beveled at the edges once the burn is completely cut from the circuit board.

Step 3

Clean the circuit board with solvent to remove all excess particles. Use a combination of powdered fiberglass and epoxy liquid to fill the portion of the circuit board that was previously cut away. The edge of the board and delaminated layers should be completely filled.



Step 4

Smooth the surface of the newly repaired circuit board using a small-tip soldering iron. If necessary, drill new holes into the repaired area, where screws were inserted to hold the board in place. Use a small drill bit, as the area you are working on is also small.



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