How to Fix a Discolored Laptop Screen

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Repair laptop LCD discoloration by replacing the backlight inverter.

If you're experiencing any sort of major discoloration on your laptop's LCD, it is more than likely related to the inverter. The inverter, built into the LCD panel, transfers the DC power generated by the laptop's power supply into an AC signal to power the backlight lamp. The backlight lamp, attached directly to the inverter, is a tube-like bulb built into the LCD screen that illuminates the display. LCD screen discoloration is a common symptom of a failed or failing inverter.


Step 1

Turn off your laptop and disconnect all potential power sources from the computer. This includes the main power adapter and the battery, as well as any external peripheral, data or networking devices.

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Step 2

Pull the display panel open as far as possible. Use a thin, flat-head screwdriver or similar tool to pry off the rubber screw covers from the the front side of the display panel.


Step 3

Unscrew the exposed Phillips screws from the display panel's front cover. Lift the front plastic cover off of the display panel to expose the LCD screen assembly.

Step 4

Locate the inverter board inside the display panel. It usually is located below the LCD screen. Disconnect the backlight and AC power cables from each end of the inverter. Remove the Phillips screws fastening the inverter in place, as well as any adhesive tape. Lift the inverter out of the laptop and set it aside.



Step 5

Place the new inverter inside the appropriate compartment inside the display panel. Reconnect the backlight and AC power cables to each end of the new inverter board. Replace any fastening screws or adhesive material to secure the inverter in place.

Step 6

Put the plastic cover back on top of the display panel. Replace the cover's retaining Phillips screws and replace the rubber screw covers.

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