How to Repair Spill Damage on an HP Pavilion Laptop

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Clean and repair spill damage to your HP Pavilion laptop.

Laptop spill damage is among the most common reasons for laptop repair. Often, if the damage is significant, it leads to the death of your laptop. This is why it is crucial to act as soon as you notice that liquid has been spilled on your laptop. It does not take long for hardware or electrical devices inside your laptop to short out. In extreme cases, a spill can cause your laptop to catch fire.


Step 1

Turn off the laptop, and unplug the power cable and all devices immediately. Close the display panel, and place your laptop face down. Remove the battery pack from its compartment.

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Step 2

Remove all hardware devices from the laptop's bottom casing. In most HP Pavilion laptops, this includes your hard drive, RAM and CD/DVD drive. Each hardware device is concealed by a plastic cover that is secured in place by one or two Phillips screws. The only exception to this is the CD/DVD drive. Remove all remaining screws from the bottom casing.


Step 3

Place the laptop face up and re-open the display panel as far as possible. Remove any materials securing the keyboard in place. In most Pavilion laptops, this consists of two to four Phillips screws. Place the keyboard face down on the laptop's surface, and then disconnect the keyboard's cable from the motherboard. Remove the keyboard from the laptop to reveal the motherboard's surface.


Step 4

Disconnect the LCD screen's cable from the motherboard and then remove the screws from each display hinge. Remove the LCD panel from the laptop. Remove all screws securing the laptop's top cover to the laptop's base. Disconnect all visible cables from the motherboard, then remove the top cover from the laptop.



Step 5

Examine the motherboard and all removed hardware devices for visible liquid or condensation. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the motherboard and removed hardware. Do not apply the alcohol directly to any electrical components.

Step 6

Place the laptop, and all removed hardware on a clean paper towel. Allow the laptop and its parts to dry for about 24 to 48 hours before attempting to reassemble the laptop.




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