How to fix "Auto Config Please Wait" Error

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The "Auto Config Please Wait" error occurs when there is a problem transmitting images from your computer tower to your computer monitor. This error causes the entire screen to shake for several seconds, making your computer temporarily unusable. The error may occur only once a month or several times per minute.


Step 1

Close any games that you've been playing on your computer. The "Auto Config Please Wait" error tends to pop up when full screen games are being played. To get around this error, change the settings of your games so the screen size is smaller. This can often be done by navigating to the options or settings section of a game.


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Step 2

Change your screen resolution by right-clicking on your desktop, selecting "Properties," then "Display Settings." The resolution size you choose doesn't matter. Changing the screen size sometimes resets the settings and fixes the "Auto Config Please Wait" error.


Step 3

Check the cord that connects your computer monitor to the back of your computer tower. A loose, ripped or old cord could cause the "Auto Config Please Wait" error. Try connecting the cord to another computer and see if you get the same error. If you do, it's time to buy a new cord.


Step 4

Download updates for your computer monitor. Outdated drivers can also cause the "Auto Config Please Wait" error to pop up. If you don't know the brand of your monitor, check the sticker on the back. It will list the model and brand. Then, go to that brand's website and download any drivers you are missing.


Step 5

Connect your computer monitor to a spare computer and see if the "Auto Config Please Wait" error still pops up. If so, it's a problem with the monitor.

Step 6

Turn off your computer and disconnect all the wires from the tower. Open your computer by twisting off the screws and sliding off the side. Locate the graphics card. It will be a red or green card, several inches long, that is screwed into your computer. Sometimes this card comes loose and causes the "Auto Config Please Wait" error. Press down gently but firmly on the graphics card. Press only hard enough to make sure the card hasn't come loose.


Step 7

Hook everything back up to your computer and see if the error persists. If it does, you'll need to replace your graphics card. The kind of graphics card you'll need will depend on your computer type, so note your computer model number. This information can be found on the back of the tower.



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