How to Fix Multiple Browser Pages Opening Up

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Sometimes a browser's default setting, an office's tech department or some other malicious factor conspires against you to slow down your browser's operation by opening multiple pages at once. Luckily, this can be fixed easily with a few simple steps, using nothing more than your browser's built-in customization functions.


Step 1

Open a session in your preferred browser and close all but one window. Make sure the window has stopped loading any graphics or scripts; you can force it to stop loading by pressing the "Stop" button at the top of the screen, sometimes denoted by a large "X."

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Step 2

Click your browser's "Tools" button, also located at the top of the screen, and select "Options." The menu should close and a separate box with a series of clickable tabs should open.


Step 3

Open the "Main" tab (if it's not already open) and note the "Home Page" text bar. If your browser opens multiple pages upon launch, this text box probably has more than one web address written in it, separated by a "|" symbol.


Step 4

Remove the symbol and all but one of the web addresses, click "OK," and restart your browser. Only one web page should open now.




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