How to fix Res Ieframe.dll DNS Error

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If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you may have run into one of the following error messages:



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These are common errors for older versions of Internet Explorer with several possible causes. The problem is often solved by updating Internet Explorer, but your computer network or other hardware could be to blame. Thoroughly check your network and settings in Internet Explorer to fix the error.


Step 1

Reboot your computer. Sometimes error messages are temporary and a reboot can fix the problem.

Step 2

Update Internet Explorer. As of October 2010, Internet Explorer is on version 8. Updates will patch security holes and potentially fix older software issues. Windows 7 ships with Internet Explorer 8, but if you are using Windows XP or older you can download Explorer 8 by visiting Microsoft's website. (See Resources.)


Step 3

Check your router or home networking equipment. Power cycle your modem or router by unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. If the error was caused by your network, power cycling should fix it.

Step 4

Disable security protections and add-ons. Internet Explorer is filled with malware protections, security levels and other plug-ins that incorporate it into the Windows operating system. Any one of these could cause several errors. Try going through and disabling settings one by one to see if the error goes away.



Step 5

Install any recent Windows updates. A computer behind in Microsoft updates is less secure and more likely to experience problems. Update Windows XP by visiting if you have no Service Packs installed, or you can use Microsoft Update by going to the Start menu in the lower-left corner of the screen, selecting "Programs," and then opening "Windows Update" under the "Accessories" folder.


Step 6

Use a different browser if possible. Internet Explorer has a lot of problems displaying websites according to Web design standards and is generally the main target of malware attacks. Using a different browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, will eliminate Internet Explorer specific errors and could improve your browsing experience.



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