My PC Won't Download Anything

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Most computer users can readily download files from the Internet with no issue. Yet, you may experience an error that will not allow you to download anything from the Internet. Generally, you can readily resolve this issue with some simple troubleshooting. More often than not, you simply have too strict of security settings that prevent you from downloading files. Otherwise, you can try a few other simple fixes to get your computer to download files. If you cannot resolve the issue by troubleshooting, you may have a serious error that demands the assistance of a computer specialist.


Step 1

Turn down your security settings. Go to your browser's security settings. You can change all settings to default or even low settings. You may even see an option there for enabling downloading. For example, Internet Explorer has a check box for "enable file download." Try to see if these looser security settings will allow you to download files.


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Step 2

Get a new Web browser. You may have installed your browser improperly. You can reinstall your Web browser. Alternatively, install a new Web browser and see if you can download files using it. Sometimes, this will remedy the problem. Internet Explorer, Firefix, Safari, Chrome and other free web browsers work well.


Step 3

Update your computer. Sometimes, a computer update can remedy your downloading problem. If you use Microsoft Windows, install the latest service pack. Reboot your computer after the installation to see if you can now download files. If you still cannot download anything, you need to see a computer specialist.