How to Fix the Visual C++ Runtime Library

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The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error is one of the more frequent errors that occur during the use of various computer applications. It is annoying at best, and can cause problems from pop-up notifications to the dreaded "blue screen of death." It usually occurs because the software program has failed to communicate with the Visual C++ Runtime Library. This error can sometimes be fixed by reinstalling the Visual C++ Library. In other circumstances, there are several steps you can take to repair the problem. This is called a clean boot.


Step 1

Click the "Start" Button, type "MSCONFIG" in the search bar and press "Enter."

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Step 2

Click on the "Services" tab, check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and choose the "Disable All" option.

Step 3

Choose the "Startup" tab and click on the "Disable All" option, then click "OK."

Step 4

Restart your computer.


Step 5

Test for system messages once the computer has restarted. If the "System Configuration Utility" window pops up, click on "Don't show this message," then click on "OK."

Step 6

Run MSCONFIG again, enabling each program, one at a time, to check for errors until the problem application has been found.

Things You'll Need

  • Latest Visual C++ redistributable package

  • Registry cleaner software


Once the clean boot has been applied, the computer can be run to see if the problem still occurs. If not, then the error is caused by one of the disabled programs. By using MSCONFIG repeatedly, each program can be re-enabled to determine whether it is causing the problem until the right one is found.

It is a good idea to utilize a good registry cleaning program to ensure the best protection against Visual C++ Runtime Library errors. The registry is often the cause of these errors and should be monitored closely to prevent recurrences.


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