How to Get an Upside Down Exclamation Mark on a Mac

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The Character View must be activated through the computer's System Preferences menu.

The Mac OS X operating system comes with a number of features that allow users to use their computer to compose text in foreign languages. One such feature is the Character Viewer, which allows you to insert foreign characters wherever your text cursor is placed. If you want to create an upside down exclamation point on your Mac computer, you can do so with the Character viewer in a few simple steps.


Step 1

Click the "Apple" icon in the computer's menu bar and select the "System Preferences..." option from the Apple menu.

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Step 2

Click the "Language & Text" icon beneath the "Personal" heading, followed by the "Input Sources" tab.


Step 3

Place a checkmark next to the "Keyboard & Character Viewer" option in the "Select input methods to use" pane. Click the "X" icon in the upper left corner of the System Preferences window to close the application.

Step 4

Place the text cursor where you would like to insert the upside down exclamation point. Click the "Keyboard & Character Viewer" icon in the computer's menu bar and select the "Show Character Viewer" option from the menu.



Step 5

Click the "Punctuation" option in the Character Viewer window, followed by the upside down exclamation point icon.

Step 6

Click the "Insert" button in the Character Viewer window to insert the upside down exclamation point where your text cursor is located.



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