How to Get Free Stuff From eBay

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You can't get something for nothing and while that's true in many life situations, it is not the case at all times on eBay. The website is set up to benefit both the buyer and the seller. Buyers can find classic items that they want and sellers can turn their junk into someone's treasure for a hefty profit. Old items--like that Elvis magazine cover or the Brady Bunch classic LP---get a shocking number of bids. Fans bidding against one another for rare items make it a seller's market. Look between the lines of all this merchandise and profit and you can find a way to do some transactions without dipping into your mad money.


Step 1

Look for new sellers. In order to establish yourself as a seller on eBay, you need a good track record of positive feedback. Nobody will trust you on even fantastic items if they do not see a long history of positive feedback. See if some auctions are being held simply to establish good feedback. A seller may send you the item for free if you leave positive feedback. This is even stated on some auctions. This practice should not be abused and you should only look at items you genuinely want. Read the terms of service on the auction website to make sure it is not being violated with any transaction.


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Step 2

Scroll down many auctions for deals and special offers. Many times a seller will include a bunch of free things if you buy the main item. It may be worth it to bid on that dollar book if it comes with five more in the series for free. Outrageous deals can be found by those wanting to downsize on material possessions.

Step 3

Contact a seller after a losing auction if the item was listed under one dollar. If that is the case with an auction, many people are simply trying to get an item off their hands. Old junk clutters the house, and nobody wants a lot of unwanted things in the way. Contact the losing seller and ask if they are merely looking to get rid of the item. Offer to pay for postage and packing costs for the item. You will likely be sent free stuff this way.


Step 4

Look at the screen name of the seller. Sellers often create screennames that match their passions. If you notice somebody's screenname is relevant to equestrian riding, and you own a lot of old things to do with that, it may be a perfect match. Contact a seller that would be interested in your own wares. Offer to do a trade. You can get what you want without spending a dime and get old stuff out of your way.

Step 5

Let your interests be known to sellers. They will often be considerate and appreciative of your business. When they find a great article online or a rare photograph of your favorite celebrity, a seller just might send it along to you. Free treasures in your mailbox or email inbox can be a surprise freebie that comes with eBay membership.


Be polite. Nobody is going to want to give items to a rude person, even if the items are no longer wanted or needed.


Don't forget to leave positive feedback for free stuff gained. This is a very important perk for those who are giving away free items.