How Do I Verify Tickets I Am Buying Off Craigslist?

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Verify that the information on your ticket is accurate.

Classified-ads website Craigslist is a great place to find tickets for a sold-out concert or sporting event you would like to attend, but make sure you don't fall victim to fraud. Purchasing tickets from a third-party vendor can be risky; however, there are things you can do to verify that they are legitimate.


Step 1

Find out if the Craigslist ticket seller is a licensed broker. This information is usually available on the seller's website or is in the Craigslist posting, but you may need to ask the person who posted the ad. Ticket brokers don't want to risk their reputation by selling bogus tickets and you have a better chance knowing you have a legitimate ticket if it comes from a licensed broker.


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Step 2

Search Craigslist for other tickets sold by the same seller and look to see if anyone has posted complaints about fake tickets.

Step 3

Check every detail of the ticket you plan to purchase, and conduct research to find out what a legitimate ticket to your event looks like. Make sure the ticket has correct information on it, such as venue name and location, and event day and time.


Step 4

Research the authorized ticketing company, such as Ticketmaster, for your event, and verify that its name and logo look correct on the ticket. Compare it to other tickets from the ticketing company, if possible.


Step 5

Check that the seats listed in the Craigslist posting and printed on the tickets are actual seats by referring to the venue's seating chart.


Step 6

Verify that the seller purchased the tickets legitimately by asking for a copy of the seller's invoice or purchasing receipt. This information will prove where the seller bought the tickets and you can eliminate the possibility that he created the tickets on his own computer.




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