How to Sell Boats on Craigslist

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How to Sell Boats on Craigslist. Are you in the business of selling boats? Or do you have a boat that you no longer use and you're ready to get rid of? The readers of Craigslist just might be in the boat-buying business, so place an ad on the site to generate interest in the boats that you have to sell.


Sell Boats on Craigslist

Step 1

Sell boats on Craigslist in your area or any of the other areas of the world served by this international site. Go to the homepage and then select the appropriate location from the available list (see Resources below).


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Step 2

Learn a little bit about the site before you post. Look at the ads placed by others. Review the site's details. Get a good feel for it all so that you can post an ad that will sell boats quickly and easily.

Step 3

Write your ad before you post so that you make sure you get the details right. You'll want to provide a thorough description of the boat, how old it is, how long it's been in your possession and the price you have in mind for the sale.


Step 4

Go out and take pictures of the boats you have for sale so that you can upload them to the site. This is not a Craigslist ad requirement, but adding images certainly improves your chances of attracting a serious buyer.

Step 5

Head to the posting page when you have the text and images ready for your post. Click on 'Post to Classifieds' on the homepage for the city where you are posting.



Step 6

Select the 'For Sale/Wanted' category, and select the 'Boats' link. Choose a specific neighborhood if you are prompted to do so, then fill out the online form. The posting form will ask you for a title, a price, a description of the boat and an email address.

Step 7

Opt to anonymize your email address if you don't want to post this information on the Craigslist site.


Step 8

Review the email sent by Craigslist to your email account. Click on the 'Publish' link, give your boat posting a once-over, then click on the 'Publish' button to finalize your post.



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