How to Sell RVs On Craigslist

How to Sell RVs On Craigslist. Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are popular items people like to sell on Craigslist. If you want to sell your RV, you can post an ad for free. Here's how to sell RVs on Craigslist.

Post Your RV Ad

Step 1

Go to Craigslist (see the link in Resources below).

Step 2

Click "Post to Classifieds."

Step 3

Select "For Sale/Wanted."

Step 4

Click the "Recreational Vehicles" link.

Step 5

Choose your geographical location from the list.

Step 6

Fill out the required fields for the posting description.

Step 7

Use an accurate and informational title. Simply saying "1984 camper for sale" isn't as enticing as saying "1984 Starcraft Popup Trailer in Great Condition--Only One Owner."

Describe Your RV

Step 1

Describe your RV using colorful yet honest statements. You should include the year, make, model, average yearly usage and any mechanical improvements or major problems.

Step 2

Avoid exaggeration. If the RV has had a recent oil change, don't say it had a "major engine overhaul." Also, if you had the brakes redone 5 years ago, don't say the RV has "new brakes."

Step 3

Keep in mind that buyers on Craigslist are coming to buy RVs at a cheap price, so be fair when you price your RV. If you are out to make a huge profit, you will not likely get it.

Negotiate the Sale

Step 1

Respond to buyers quickly through email to keep them interested.

Step 2

Accept or decline offers in a professional manner while being mindful of your bottom line. If you are offering your RV for $1,500 and know you won't take less than $1,200, politely decline inquiries offering less than your bottom line.


Ads expire 7 days from the date they were originally posted, so if you don't sell your RV right away, repost your ad and try again. For tips on posting ads, consult the Craigslist FAQs (see the link in Resources below).


In many states it is illegal to misrepresent RVs or automobiles in classified ads, so avoid inflating the details of your ad to sell your RV.