What Does EUC Mean on eBay?

By LaDonna Hadley

Learn how to determine what EUC and other common acronyms mean and how they are used in eBay listings.

Abbreviations are used in eBay listing titles and descriptions to provide concise information about an item. EUC stands for "excellent used condition" and means that the item is like new, with little or no wear and tear.


Read the description of the item to determine if the seller's definition of EUC matches yours before you buy.

Explanation in Description

For used items, acronyms usually refer to the condition of the product. Some other commonly used acronyms are:

  • GUC: Good Used Condition
  • GU: Gently Used

An example of the difference between EUC and GUC is a minor cosmetic condition which doesn't affect the item's use, such as a small stain, scratch or dent. The difference between GUC and GU is noticeable wear and tear that has reduced the expected length of time an item can still be used, or damage from normal use that has decreased its value.


Acronyms on eBay can refer to the condition of the product and packaging, in addition to information about size, color or other attributes.


EUC, GUC and GU are not exact definitions and subject to interpretation. Examining the photos and reading the description in a listing helps you determine if an item meets your personal standards before buying.

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