How to Get Free Unlimited Text to Tracfone

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Receiving texts can be free on some Tracfones.

Tracfone is a popular prepaid phone service that offers nationwide coverage for its users. Tracfone can offer such low rates because it rents the services of other major cell phone providers, rather than maintaining its own network. If you like to text, you need to know how to get free unlimited text to a Tracfone. While you can get free unlimited text to some Tracfones, you cannot get free texting for all Trafones.

Find Out if You Get Free Texts on Your Existing Tracfone

Step 1

Power on your Tracfone and select the main menu from the first screen.

Step 2

Scroll through the options offered on the main menu and select either "Phone" or "Info." Which option you are offered will depend on the model of phone that you have.

Step 3

Select the option on the next menu that offers the phone type. This may be listed as "Info," "Phone" or "Handset." If you cannot find this option, turn off your phone and remove the battery. The phone model and handset type will be printed on the silver label on the interior of the battery compartment. If you have Nokia 1100, Nokia 2600, Nokia 3390, Motorola V170 or Motorola C155, then you can receive free unlimited text messages.

Register a New Phone to Get Free Unlimited Text

Step 1

Purchase a Nokia 1100, Nokia 2600, Nokia 3390, Motorola V170 or Motorola C155 that is sold under the Tracfone logo. You will need one of these phones that is already set up with the Tracfone company. Just buying the same model from a different carrier will not work.

Step 2

Call the number included in your package (1-800-867-7183) to reach Tracfone customer service. Have your account information ready, including your payment choice (prepaid card, debit card, checking account or credit card).

Step 3

Activate the phone with Tracfone customer service. If you are switching the phone on your existing account, make sure that you tell customer service this before you begin the process. While you can also activate phones online at the Tracfone site, it is better to switch phones on existing accounts over the phone with a live customer service agent. Make sure that you get a time estimate for the service switching over to the new phone so you know what to expect.


Switch to Straight Talk unlimited monthly plans to get unlimited texting on all models of Tracfone. Straight Talk is part of Tracfone and is designed to offer unlimited text, talk and web access for $45 a month.


Text messages are not free to send from any model of Tracfone, and each model charges a different rate. Review the model-specific information for your phone to keep from going over budget.

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