How to Get Headphones to Work for the Samsung TV

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Using a headphone allows you to listen to TV without disturbing others around you. Some Samsung televisions have the option of connecting a headset to a built-in headphone jack. The TVs that are 27 inches and under are more likely to have headphone jacks. If your Samsung TV doesn't have a headphone jack, you may be able to use an adapter for the TV's audio output. Whether it will work depends on how the audio source is connected to the TV.


Step 1

Check the side panels on your Samsung television. Samsung televisions have extra hookups on the right side.

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Step 2

Check the back panel if you don't find a headphone jack on the side panel. Inspect the area around the other types of input and output jacks. If your TV does not have any headset jacks, you will need to use an adapter.

Step 3

Plug the red and white audio connectors on the RCA to 3.5 mm audio adapter into the red and white output jacks on the back panel of the TV.


Step 4

Plug the connector on your headphones into the 3.5 mm female connection on the adapter.

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