How to Connect a TV to an Amplifier

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Connecting your television to your stereo amplifier is an easy way to improve the quality of your home theater experience. Most stereo amplifiers are compatible with most televisions. The difficult part is determining the best way to connect your devices in order to get the highest quality. If your devices offer compatible digital inputs and outputs, choose these to connect your television to your amplifier. But even if they do not, it is still possible to connect most televisions to most amplifiers.


Connecting the Sound

Step 1

How to Connect a TV to an Amplifier
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Determine what audio output ports your TV offers. Typically, televisions have at least RCA audio outputs (sometimes called phono jacks).


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Step 2

Determine what audio inputs your amplifier offers. Your amplifier will likely have several input options, depending on the age and cost of your amplifier. Most amplifiers will offer at least RCA audio inputs.

Step 3

Determine what type of cable you need. For example, if your TV only has a stereo headphone output (called a 1/8 stereo jack) and your amplifier only has RCA audio inputs, you will need to use a "1/8 stereo to RCA" cable. But not all inputs and outputs are compatible, so check with your manufacturer if there is any doubt.


Step 4

Turn off the amplifier and television.


Step 5

Connect one end of the cable to the audio output ports on your television.

Step 6

Connect the other end of the cable to the audio input ports of your amplifier.


Step 7

Turn on the television, followed by the amplifier.

Step 8

Operate both devices to test the connection.




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