How to Get Map View in Google Earth

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Google Earth is a computer program that allows you to view satellite images of nearly every piece of land in the world. Its applications vary widely -- you can use it to gain a comprehensive understanding of a certain city's topography, for example, or to enjoy an aerial view of your childhood neighborhood to see how it's changed since you were little. Google Earth is also useful as a navigation tool if you adjust the program to show images as maps.


Step 1

Download and install Google Earth onto your computer if you haven't already done so (see Resources). Launch the program once it's finished downloading and installing from Google's website.

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Step 2

Enter a location, such as "Shanghai, China," in the "Fly To" field. Although it's not necessary to have a certain location pulled up to switch the program to "Map" view, doing so will give you a frame of reference to ensure that the adjustments you make to the program have worked.


Step 3

Change Google Earth to "Map" view. Click the "View" drop-down menu, then click "Map" to view streets instead of terrain. Click "Hybrid" to view streets and terrains overlaid.


Use Google Maps, a Web-based tool available through the Google search engine, to navigate if you aren't able to download Google Earth onto your computer. Google the address or city name for which you want to view a map, click the "Maps" tab and view your map.


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