How to Get Past Level 33 in "Bloxorz"

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Bloxorz is an online flash game which places players in control of a rectangular block, twice as tall as it is wide and deep. Using the four keys of the keyboard to roll the block, you must turn it end over end until it reaches a goal, comprised of a hole which the block is rolled through. While the levels begin with simple puzzles, as you advance increasingly long chains of correct moves are needed. On level 33, you must navigate a maze of switches that you may not hit to activate an extra space to reach the goal.


Step 1

Press the right arrow four times, then up, left and down three times. The block is now on end near the lower-left switch.

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Step 2

Turn the block right twice, up, left, up, left, then up two more times. The block is now on its side near the upper-left switch.


Step 3

Press right twice, down, right and down, leaving the block on its side with a pair of switches on its left side and two switches extending down from its bottom edge.

Step 4

Move the block right, up, left twice, up, right, down, right and down two more times. The block will have turned 90 degrees to the right from its location after the prior step.


Step 5

Flip the block right, down, left then down twice more. The block rests at the left-most edge of the bottom-right corner of the playing area.

Step 6

Press right twice, then up to activate the "X" and make a new square appear.


Step 7

Turn the block down, left twice, then up four times to move the block onto its side by the upper-right switch.

Step 8

Roll the block left, then up, so it is upright on the new square.


Step 9

Move the block left, down, right and down so it is again on its side with switches on its left and aligned with its bottom edge.


Step 10

Press right, up, left, up and left three times. The block now sits in the space between the two upper-leftmost switches.

Step 11

Roll the block down three times, left then down again so it stands on edge, aligned with the lower bridge.

Step 12

Press left twice, down, left and up to drop the block through the hole and beat the level.



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