How to Send a Rose Text Message

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Text messaging is rapidly taking the place of regular phone calls. As you adapt and become acquainted with the function of texting, there are more things you can do with it. Instead of sending pictures or videos, you can create a romantic or sweet text by fashioning a custom rose using symbols built into your phone.


Step 1

Open up a new text message on your phone. Text out the actual message first if you want to save the rose for last.

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Step 2

Decide which way you want to the rose to go. The tip towards the right may be easier to tell that it is a rose, but both ways work. The rest of the steps will go from right to left, so just follow the directions in reverse order if you want to text the rose another way.


Step 3

Text out two dash symbols like this "--". Make sure that there are no spaces between the dashes and also make sure that you are not accidentally using an underscore symbol.

Step 4

Type a "less than" symbol with the tip of the symbol pointing to the left, like this: "<".



Step 5

Type two more dashes, "--". Add another "less than" symbol, "<", followed by two more dashes, "--".

Step 6

Finish the rose by adding an "at" symbol. The completed rose should look like this: --<--<--@


Step 7

Mix up the order of the stems to create longer or more distinct-looking roses. Try them in the opposite direction or repeat the steps to create a bouquet of roses within the text message.



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