How to Send a Kiss in Text

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You can send a kiss via text.

Send an e-kiss when you're celebrating a special day, want to express your love or simply want to do a little SMS flirting. A kiss can make any message a bit more flirty. There are a number of ways to send a kiss in a text message, including emoticons -- smiley faces -- and various letters of the alphabet.


Step 1

Create a regular smiley face emoticon, but substitute an asterisk (*) for the normal mouth. For example:


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:- or :

You can also make the eyes wink by using a semicolon, like this:



Step 2

Use an "X" in place of the asterisk for a bigger kiss:



Or, to create a kiss even bigger than that, combine parentheses and an uppercase "I," which look like large, puckered lips:



Step 3

Blow a kiss by using these symbols:



This is a normal smiley face with two fancy brackets creating an open mouth.

Step 4

Send a french kiss with the @ symbol replacing the mouth:


:-@ or ;@

If you want to get a little more racy with your french kiss, type the following:

:-)~ or :-)~~(-:


Step 5

Hugs and kisses

Use the "x" symbol to sign off your text message. It's typically used with the "o" and represents hugs and kisses. Sign off with one x or two x's, or stick to the basic "xoxo" pattern.


Step 6

Simply type out the word "kiss" in your text. It seems obvious, but the straightforward message will surely leave an impression on the receiver.