How to Make an Owl Smiley for a Text

By Julius Vandersteen

If you are a fan of owls, or if you are discussing something related to owls while exchanging text messages with someone, you might want to make an owl smiley in your text message. A smiley, or emoticon, is an image that you make by typing certain characters on the keyboard, and people use smileys to add a little fun or emphasis to their messages. People refer to emoticons as “smileys” because of the popular emoticon used to make a smiley face, which is made using a colon and a parenthesis, as in “: )”.

Step 1

Launch your text messaging application.

Step 2

Create a new message.

Step 3

Type the text of your message, and stop typing when you get to the point in the text where you want to add an owl smiley.

Step 4

Type an opening parenthesis, followed by an upper case letter “O,” followed by a lower case letter “v,” then another upper case “O,” and then a closing parenthesis, as in: (OvO) to make an owl smiley.

Step 5

Type a period instead of the letter “v” and use lower case “o” letters to make a variant of the owl smiley, as in: (o.o).

Step 6

Type a “less than” sign, followed by an opening parenthesis, an “at” sign, a period, and then another “at” sign, closing parenthesis and a “greater than” sign to make a different version of an owl smiley, as in: <( @.@ )>.

Step 7

Type three lines of text to make a full-bodied owl smiley using parentheses, asterisks, the letter “v”, the “less than” sign and quotation marks, as in: (*<*)( V ) " "