How to Make a Rock Fist Emoticon

By Clare Edwards

You make the rock fist, also known as the devil horns sign, by bending your middle two fingers to your palm with the tip of your thumb on top of the two bent fingers, while extending your pinky and forefinger like horns. You can make various text emoticons to suggest the rock fist, signifying that you're rocking out or that you enthusiastically approve of something. Some chat programs include a graphic rock fist emoticon you can access by typing the right text string or by merely clicking on the icon itself. Social networking sites and multiplayer online games may also feature a command to make a rock fist.

Things You'll Need

  • Chat account, social networking account or email account

Hands Only

Step 1

Log in to your chat, email or social networking account.

Step 2

Start a chat session with a friend.

Step 3

Type \m/, \w/ or \,,,/ to suggest a rock fist.

Head and Hands

Step 1

Type \m/(><)\m/, \m/>.<\m/, \m/(>.<)\m/ or \m/ >_< \m/ to make a rock fist emoticon with tightly shut eyes.

Step 2

Type bd(OoO)bd to make a rocker with wide eyes and rock fists.

Step 3

Type \m/(**)\m/ or \m/(*o*)\m/ for a starry-eyed fan making rock fists, or \m/@_@\m/ for an entranced rock fan.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some instant messenger programs have a roster of hidden emoticons that may include a rock fist emoticon; others, as well as some email programs, offer a library of graphic emoticons you can merely click to select.
  • When making the rock fist in real life, be sure to tuck in your thumb, placing the tip over the two bent fingers instead of sticking it out to the side. Otherwise you'll be giving the sign language gesture for "love."