How to Make a Kirby With Your Keyboard

Kirby is a video game character in a number of Nintendo game series best known for his ability to swallow opponents into his large vacuum-powered mouth and steal their abilities. Rumor has it that he is named after the Kirby vacuum because of their similar qualities. His rotund body makes it very easy to use a keyboard to make a Kirby emoticon.

Step 1

Make a happy hugging Kirby by either copy and pasting these characters by typing them on your own: <(^v^)>.

Step 2

Get ready for boxing Kirby by typing this guy or copy and pasting: Q('.'O).

Step 3

Do the Kirby dance. <('o'<) ^( '-' )^ (>'o')> v( '.' )v <(' .' )> <('.'<) ^( '.' )^ (>'.')> v( '.' )v <(' .' )>