How to Make a Texas Longhorn Sign on a Computer

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The "hook 'em horns" hand gesture was created to show support for Texas Longhorns athletic teams at the University of Texas at Austin. The gesture consists of a closed fist with the index and little fingers extended. This hand gesture is nearly identical to the "devil horns" or "rock out" hand gestures used by fans of the rock and metal musical genres, so the manner with which you create the gesture online as an emoticon is the same. You can create the Texas Longhorns "hook 'em horns" sign online using three text characters in a row.


Step 1

Click to place your cursor in the text area where you want to create the "hook 'em horns" emoticon.

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Step 2

Type a backslash "."

Step 3

Type a lower-case letter "m."


Step 4

Type a forward slash "/." When put together, the "\m/" emoticon resembles the "hook 'em horns" hand gesture used by Texas Longhorns fans.




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