How do I Make a Cross-Eyed Emoticon?

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Emoticons are made from a series of characters on your keyboard.

Emoticons are electronic expressions of facial features sent in an email, instant message or text. Emoticons are made from a series of characters, typically punctuation marks. There are several ways to make a cross-eyed emoticon.


Version 1

Perhaps the most common way to make a cross-eyed emoticon is using the percentage character followed by a hyphen followed by a closed parenthesis. A variation on this emoticon is to eliminate the hyphen, which eliminates the nose on your emoticon's face.


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Version 2

Use a capital "X" followed by a hyphen and then a closed parenthesis to create this second variation of a cross-eyed emoticon. Using a capital "H" in this sequence will also result in a cross-eyed emoticon. Remember, do not put any spaces between characters when creating emoticons.



Version 3

Finally, you can create a cross-eyed emoticon by using the greater-than symbol followed by a period and ending with a less-than symbol. The greater-than and less-than characters are ">" and "<" on the keyboard.




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