How to Make a Duck Using a QWERTY Keyboard

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Use a QWERTY keyboard to draw pictures in chats.

Using your QWERTY keyboard to draw faces or animals can help teach children the placement of letters on the keyboard. These faces or animals are called emoticons. They are often drawn while chatting. The duck emoticon is rare, according to online chat reference Chat Ref. The first picture is of a duck floating in the water, and the second is of a duck's face.

I___( o)>

Step 1

Type a capital I.

Step 2

Type a backslash.

Step 3

Type three underscores.

Step 4

Type a left parenthesis.

Step 5

Type three spaces.

Step 6

Type a lowercase O if you would like its eye to be open. Type a dash if you would like it to be closed.

Step 7

Type a right parenthesis.

Step 8

Type a right angle bracket.


Step 1

Type a left brace.

Step 2

Type a colon.

Step 3

Type a circumflex.