How to Make a Paw Print With the Keyboard

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Make paw print symbols with a sequence of symbols and letters on your keyboard.

Computer users can create many objects by combining several keyboard letters, symbols and numbers in a sequence. These "drawings" range from simple emoticons like the smiley face, which looks like ":)," to more complex sequences that create realistic images of tigers, human faces and more. If you are an animal lover or are posting on a pet forum, include a paw print made from symbols on the keyboard as your signature. A keyboard paw print is universal, working for either cats or dogs.


Step 1

Open a new document in a word processing program.

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Step 2

Enter the symbol "<" followed by a capital "O." Hit "Enter."


Step 3

Type the symbol "<" again, followed by another capital "O." Hit the space bar once, then type two hyphens, which look like "--."


<O <O --

Step 4

Press the space bar once, then type a capital "O." Hit the "Enter" key.

<O <O -- O

Step 5

Insert the symbol "<" once more. Follow this with a capital "O" to finish your paw print.

<O <O -- O <O


The “<” symbol can be substituted with a standard hyphen, or “-,” to represent thinner claws like those on cats. Substitute the “<” symbol with the “{” symbol and make the “O” letters lowercase for a fatter paw print, like those from a bear. Vary the number of rows to make paws with more claws or wider paw pads.