How to Create a Pound Sign in LaTeX

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LaTeX is used by scientists and engineers to typeset documents containing formulas and mathematical symbols.
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Depending upon the context in which it is used, the "#" symbol can have different meanings in a LaTeX document. The "#" symbol may represent a "pound" sign, hash mark or a sharp musical note. The LaTeX markup language also uses the "#" character to designate the parameters for macro commands you create. You can instruct LaTeX to print out a special keyboard character like "#" by combining it with the "" or backslash character. Other special characters like the British pound sterling symbol, however, have their own, unique LaTeX command.


Special Character Markup

To instruct LaTeX to print a keyboard symbol like "#" on paper or within a PDF file, place the "" or backslash symbol immediately before the typed symbol. For example, if "#expert" is your hash tag, type the follow line in your LaTeX document:


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The command "\pounds" is used to print the special character for the British pound sterling. For example, to print an item's price as 10 pounds, add the following command to your LaTeX document:






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