How to Draw a Birthday Cake Using the Keyboard Symbols

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Long before emoticons and clip art became standard in instant messenger clients and word processing programs, users made their own simple graphics using nothing more than the keyboard's characters and the "Enter" key. You can make intricate designs out of your keyboard's characters line by line and character by character. The birthday cake design can be typed in quickly and will be immediately recognizable to the recipient. Keyboard art such as this can make a fresh alternative to flashy emoticons.


Step 1

Click within the document or form in which you are placing the birthday cake figure.

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Step 2

Type "-------- , , , , -------- " exactly as shown and then press "Enter."


Step 3

Type "------- |-|-|-| -------" and then press "Enter."

Step 4

Press the following keys one by one and then make a new line: "-------| happy |-------- ".


Step 5

Type "------| birthday |------ " and then press "Enter" once more.


Step 6

Type "---- |***|----- " and press "Enter."

Step 7

Type "--- |****|-----" to complete the figure.

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