How to Make Paragraphs in Facebook

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If you're typing a long status post, comment or chat message in Facebook, you may want to break your text into paragraphs. You're likely used to pressing the Enter, or Return, key to do this in other programs, but this doesn't always work in Facebook. The way to make a new paragraph varies, depending on the type of post you're making and the way you're using the site.


Make Paragraphs in Status Updates

If you're using the desktop version of Facebook and want to put a new paragraph in a status update, press the "Enter" key twice. This inserts a line break after the first paragraph, so you can start typing the next one. This also works for status updates on mobile browsers and on the Facebook app when you use a smartphone or tablet.


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Make Paragraphs in Comments

The Enter key doesn't always make a new paragraph when you post comments. It works when you type a comment on smartphone and tablet apps and on most mobile browsers. However, when you type a comment in the Facebook desktop site on your computer, pressing the Enter key posts the comment. Press the "Shift" and "Enter" keys at the same time to make a paragraph.


Make Paragraphs in Messages

The Enter key makes a new paragraph in a message in the Facebook app on smartphones or tablets running Messenger and in most mobile browsers. Use the Enter key on the desktop site and you'll post the message. Press the "Shift" and "Enter" keys simultaneously to make a new paragraph or change the chat settings. Go to Options in the small chat window, select "See Full Conversation" and unselect the "Press Enter to send" box. You can now make new paragraphs with the Enter key when in conversation mode.





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