How to Make a Text Hug Emoticon

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Text emoticons are standard across all mobile operating systems.

Texting has become ubiquitous in today's mobile world, particularly among young people. As with other forms of communication, efficiency is paramount. You wouldn't say in five words what you can convey in a single emoticon, such as a hug symbol. Not only is it faster to simply send an emoticon, but often it can more accurately capture a mood than fumbling for the right words.


Step 1

Find the special characters.

Create a new text message and toggle your phone's keypad over to symbols, rather than numbers or letters.


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Step 2

Type an enclosed pair of parentheses, ( ), or curly braces, { }, to represent a hug.


Step 3

Experiment with different combinations.

Play around with other variations of the classic hug, such as a big hug, that you can convey by typing a number of parentheses: ((( ))). Or you can offer hugs and kisses, which consist of a set of enclosed parentheses followed by two asterisks: () **.





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