Cool Ways to Say "I Love You" With Your Keyboard

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Express your emotions with a few keystrokes.

With the onset of texting and social networking, slang symbols and abbreviations to express your feelings only continue to increase in popularity. Learn to express your loving feelings either overtly or with more subtle symbols and text abbreviations, or invent your own private way for you and your partner to express those loving feelings.


Heart Symbol ♥

Locate and hold down the "Alt" button on the keyboard. It's located just to the left of the space bar. While holding the "Alt" button down, press the number 3 on the keypad and the heart symbol will appear where your cursor is positioned. Use the keypad for this symbol; the numbers above the letters don't always work with this application.


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Love Heart <3

Create a love heart with a few key strokes. Select the "less than" sign, which is found just to the right of the space bar. Hold down the "Shift" key and press the "less than" key. Let go of the "Shift" key and press the number 3. The result is a love heart. Many people will actually spell out "less than 3" or "less than three" as a way to say "I love you."


Text Abbreviations for Love

There are several ways to key the phrase "I love you" in a shortened version often associated with texting. LAK means "love and kisses." LOLF indicates "love you lots forever." LOV, LUV and LUVU are all ways of saying "love" or "love you." LU and LU are also ways of saying "love you" and "love you too." Other ways to say "I love you" are LUVUVM for "love you very much," LVYA for "love ya" or "love you," and LYA for "love you always."


Kisses and Hugs

Just as there are numerous ways to say "I love you" with text abbreviations, there are several such abbreviations for hugs and kisses. :-* is a symbol for "kiss," :-X indicates "big sloppy kiss." H&K stands for "hugs and kisses," as does H+K, and KAH, "kisses and hugs." HAK stands for "here's a kiss."