How to Make a Statute Symbol in Word

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The statute symbol is called a section symbol, as it represents one or more sections of a legal statute. You can make both singular (§) and plural (§§) section symbols in Microsoft Word and even assign keyboard shortcuts to them. If you create shortcut keys, all you have to do is press them to insert a section symbol.


Step 1: Open the Symbol Dialog

Clicking the Symbol button and selecting More Symbols.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Open the Word document you wish to edit, switch to the Insert tab, click the Symbol button in the Symbols group and then select More Symbols to display the Symbol dialog.

Step 2: Find and Insert the Section Symbol

Switching to the Special Characters tab and inserting the section symbol.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Switch to the Special Characters tab and then locate the Section symbol in the Character column. Double-click it or click Insert to insert the symbol into the document. Double-click or click Insert again to add a second section symbol and create a plural section symbol.



You can edit the document while the Symbol dialog is displayed. Position the insertion cursor anywhere in the document and insert as many symbols as you need using the Symbol dialog.

Step 3: Assign a Shortcut Key to the Section Symbol

Clicking the Shortcut Key button and assigning a key to the symbol.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Select the Section symbol in the Special Characters tab and click the Shortcut Key button to display the Customize Keyboard dialog.

Click inside the Press New Shortcut Key field and press the keyboard shortcut you want to assign to the section symbol. Click the Assign button to assign the shortcut key.

Press the shortcut key to insert a section symbol into the Word document. Pressing the key twice creates a plural section symbol.


  • The status of the shortcut is displayed in the Currently Assigned To section. If the shortcut is already assigned to another action, clicking Assign reassigns it. The Alt-S shortcut is not assigned by default in Microsoft Word.
  • To remove the shortcut, select it from the Current Keys box and click the Remove button. To reset all shortcut key settings back to their default values, click the Reset All button. Resetting everything removes all custom shortcut keys.
  • You can also insert statute symbols by using Alt codes. Hold Alt and type 0167 using the numeric keypad — usually located to the right of the arrow keys on your keyboard. Release the Alt key to insert the symbol.
  • Alternately, copy singular and plural section symbols from the Web or other documents and paste them into your Word document.