How to Get Rid of a White Background in Illustrator EPS

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Once you understand how white backgrounds end up in Adobe Illustrator EPS files you will be able to remove them. An Illustrator EPS's background type of opaque, which appears as white, is set when the file is saved. Opaque backgrounds are ideal for use in Microsoft Office applications, but if you are layering several files within one new file in a different application, the presence of a white background may be cumbersome and impractical. When you don't want your EPS files to have white backgrounds, save the file with a transparent background instead. Saving the file with as a transparent background eliminates problematic white backgrounds.


Step 1

Open the EPS file with an opaque background in Adobe Illustrator.

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Step 2

Save a copy of the EPS file, and preserve the original file. Choosing "File" and "Save As" allows you to rename the file, and set its background to transparent, which is helpful if you want to preserve a version that's useful in Microsoft Office applications.


Step 3

Enter a new file name that reminds you that this version has a transparent background.


Step 4

Select "EPS" as the file format.

Step 5

Click "Save," and view the "EPS Options" dialog box.

Step 6

Choose "Transparent" from within the "EPS Options" dialog box, and click "OK.".

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