How to Get Rid of Flash Glare in Photoshop

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A camera's flash creates glare in surfaces that reflect it. This distorts several objects in photos, such as windows and glassware. It affects eyeglasses most notably, leaving skin beneath them looking very different from the surrounding area. Edit out scattered bits of glare using Photoshop's clone stamp. For more even glare, take an easier route by transforming the affected area into an adjustment layer.


Step 1

Press the "W" key to switch to the magic wand tool.

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Step 2

Enter "15" in the box marked "tolerance" in the options bar.

Step 3

Holding down the "Shift" key, click on various parts of the image's glass till you have selected it all.


Step 4

Click the third icon in the options bar. Holding your cursor over it will bring up the message "Subtract from selection." Type "5" in the option bar's "Tolerance" box.

Step 5

Click on parts of the image other than the glass that the wand accidentally selected.



Step 6

Click "Layer" from the menu bar. Select "New Adjustment Layer." Select "Levels" from the menu that opens. The "New Layer" window will open.

Step 7

Click "OK." The "Adjustments" pane will open on the right side of the screen.

Step 8

Click and drag the pane's blade slider to the right until the selected portion of the image matches the area around it.



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