How to Get the Best Picture on a Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

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The Bravia — short for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture — brand of Sony televisions, previously known as the LCD WEGA brand, is a line of high-definition LCD televisions. First introduced in 2005, the Bravia line is intended as a home-cinema model. It displays a high-quality picture and features a number of adjustable video controls, allowing for the user to customize the picture.


Step 1

Purchase high-quality video cables. The cables that come standard with your television are good, but high-quality cables are available to purchase separately. (See Resources)

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Step 2

Enter your "Picture Settings" window. If you need assistance on how to navigate to this area, check your television's User's Manual. For the most part, the "Menu" button will open the TV's features and settings list, but there might be alternate buttons specific to your model that will allow access to quick-change features.


Step 3

Enter the "Advanced Settings" of the "Picture Settings" menu.

Step 4

Set "Black Corrector" to "Off."

Step 5

Set "Advanced Contrast Enhancer" to "Off."


Step 6

Set the "Gamma Control" to "Low."

Step 7

Set the "Clear White" control to "Off."

Step 8

Set the "Live Color" control to "Normal."


Step 9

Set "Detail Enhancer" to "Off."

Step 10

Exit the "Advanced Settings" window and return to the root display settings menu.

Step 11

Enter the submenu labeled "Screen."


Step 12

Set the "Display Area" control to "Full Pixel."

Step 13

Contact Sony support for help if your picture quality is especially poor.

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