How to Give a Debossed Look in Adobe Illustrator

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Illustrator enables you to create objects with an engraved appearance.
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A debossed item resembles an object with depressions or engravings. Adobe Illustrator provides filters and effects that enable you to change an object's appearance. The tools available in Illustrator include several Artistic, Blur and 3D effects. Use Illustrator's 3D Bevel effect to create a block with debossed text.


Step 1

Open your source file in Illustrator.

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Step 2

Click "Rectangle Tool" on the "Tools" panel and draw a solid rectangle with no stroke.

Step 3

Click "Type Tool" and type bold text inside the rectangle and click "Selection Tool" and drag across the rectangle and text to select them.


Step 4

Select "Effect," "3D" and "Extrude & Bevel."

Step 5

Click the "Preview" button to display updates as you change the options.


Step 6

Set the "Position" option to "Front" and "Extrude Depth" to 50.


Step 7

Set the options for "Bevel" to "Complex 1," "Height" to "5 pt" and "Surface" to "Plastic Shading." Click "OK."

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