How to Hide Security Camera Wires

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A hidden camera is useless if the wires are still visible to intruders.

When installing a hidden digital video recorder for surveillance purposes, hiding the wires from the camera is just as important as hiding the camera itself. Obvious wires will be a target for thieves who can simply cut the power supply to the camera, rendering your camera useless. There are many effective ways of hiding a security camera's wires, and how you hide them depends on the location of the camera.


Step 1

Build a cable run to hide the wires. If you haven't drywalled your ceiling yet, or if you're willing to do some massive remodeling, you can install a cable run to hide the wires. The cable run is a flexible tube that encases the wires. The run is placed in the ceiling so it is not in plain view of intruders.


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Step 2

Run the cables through the tiles of a suspended ceiling. If you have a camera that is mounted high off the ground near a mounted ceiling, you can simply feed the wires of the device up through the ceiling tiles to conceal them.

Step 3

Hide the wires of a low-mounted camera under the carpet or within the baseboards. Hiding cables under baseboards can be tricky if you happen to have lots of doorways, so if you are hiding the cables low, try to hide them underneath the flooring.



Step 4

Cut a hole in the wall and feed the wires directly behind the device. The wires can be threaded through the drywall and be virtually invisible to intruders.

Step 5

Purchase a wireless device. The best possible way of hiding security camera wires is purchasing a device that doesn't even have wires. There are many wireless models available that will cut installation costs and save you the hassle of trying to hide wires.



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