How to Install an Outdoor Coaxial Cable

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Run coaxial cable outdoors to connect exterior TV antennas and satellite dishes.

To watch satellite television or digital-television from an exterior over-the-air antenna you will need to install a run of coaxial cable outdoors. The coaxial cable feeds the signal from the antenna or dish outside to the television receiving equipment inside your home. Installing coaxial cable outdoors is a straightforward task that you can accomplish with basic tools.


Step 1

Estimate how much coaxial cable you will need to connect the outdoor antenna or satellite dish to the TV equipment inside. Use a retractable tape measure or laser measuring device to help. Allow for 6 feet of extra coaxial cable a margin for error.

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Step 2

Buy the correct length of high-grade, low-loss RG-6 coaxial cable. Choose a brand with polyethylene casing, which will protect the cable from the elements.


Step 3

Install the coaxial cable, starting from the outside and working your way indoors. Reach the site of the satellite dish or over-the-air TV antenna with a ladder. Attach the outdoor end of the cable to the antenna or dish mast with self-amalgamating tape. Tape the cable to the mast in three places to keep it secure. Leave enough cable loose above the mast to attach to the signal output jack of the antenna or dish later.


Step 4

Attach the cable to the wall or siding with a cable clamp. Use a hammer to tap the clamp nails into the wall. Continue to run the cable along the wall, securing it with cable clamps every two to three feet. Place the cable down and along the natural lines of the exterior wall or siding. For example, run the cable along a course of brickwork or masonry, or along the boundary between wood siding and masonry. This helps to camouflage the cable. Use the shortest possible run of cable to avoid signal degradation over longer runs.


Step 5

Drill a passage hole in the exterior wall to the interior of the house at the point at which the cable should enter the property. This is usually the room containing the TV receiving equipment. Use a power drill with a masonry bit.


Step 6

Push the leading edge of the coaxial cable inside the house. Continue to feed it through the wall until the cable outside is taut. Fill the gap around the cable with exterior masonry caulk, using a caulk applicator.


Step 7

Pull the leading edge of the cable to the location of the TV receiving equipment. If necessary, cut off excess cable with wire cutters. Twist an F-type coaxial cable connector onto the end of the cable and plug this into the "Antenna" or "Input" socket on the TV receiving equipment.


Step 8

Climb to the location of the TV antenna or satellite dish. Twist on an F-type connector to the coaxial cable end and connect to the signal output jack on the low noise block converter at the end of the satellite dish arm, or connect the cable to the output of the TV antenna. Waterproof the connection by winding self-amalgamating tape around the output jack/cable connector joint.



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