How to Run Coax Cable From Room to Room

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Extend television signals around your home by installing additional runs of coaxial cable.

Installing an extra run of coaxial cable can allow you to enjoy television in your bedroom, kitchen or any other room. Running coaxial cable from room to room is a straightforward job that you can accomplish with a splitter device and basic tools.


Step 1

Estimate the amount of coaxial cable you will need for each room. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the entry point of the original satellite, cable TV or over-the-air TV feed cable and the desired end point of the cable in each room. Allow for a few extra feet of cable.

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Step 2

Buy digital-television grade RG-6 coaxial cable, an RG-6 coaxial fly-lead, and a splitter device from a hardware or electrical store. The splitter device must have enoughs output jacks for all of the rooms to which you are running cable. For example, if you wish to install feeds to two extra rooms, the splitter requires three output jacks – one for the original room and two for the extra rooms.


Step 3

Disconnect the original coaxial cable feed from the rear of your TV set or decoder box. Insert this into the "Input" or "Antenna" socket on the splitter device. Push one end of the coaxial fly-lead into the "Antenna" input on your TV set or decoder box and insert the other end into an "Output" socket on the splitter device.


Step 4

Run the coaxial cable from the location of the splitter device to each additional room. Use the shortest cable run possible for each room and avoid sharp kinks and bends in order to minimize signal loss. Create passage holes in floors, walls and ceilings with a power drill. Secure the coaxial cable to the wall with cable ties or clamps every three feet.



Step 5

Twist F-type coaxial cable connectors on to both ends of each cable. Tug the connector to ensure you have attached it securely.

Step 6

Insert the end of each cable connector into the free "Output" jacks on the splitter device. Insert the connector on the other end of each cable into the TV set or decoder box in each room.



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