How to Make Rabbit Ears for Television

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Some households of the world may not have access to cable and satellite television services. Receiving television signals in these areas requires the use of an antenna purchased from the store or through the use of a homemade antenna device which can be easily made from common household items. Using an antenna for television reception allows you to receive signals from local or nearby network television affiliates.


Step 1

Wire hangers can be fashioned into a television antenna for receiving broadcast television signals.

Stretch the bottom end of a wire clothing hanger to the shape of a large seashell. Stretching the bottom will ensure the hanger stays in place more easily when mounted near the television set.


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Step 2

Cut a length of stereo speaker wire to fit the length of the stretched portion of the wire hanger. Use wire strippers to remove the outer plastic coating of the stereo speaker wire.

Step 3

Wrap the stereo speaker wire loosely around the stretched end of the wire hanger towards the middle of the hanger.


Step 4

Cut a piece of aluminum foil using the cutting edge on the box of aluminum foil. Wrap the piece of aluminum foil tightly around the stretched end of the wire coat hanger on top of the speaker wire.


Step 5

Bend the hook end of the wire hanger over the coaxial cable input on the back of the television in order to allow the television to receive the signal from broadcast television networks such as ABC, Fox and the CW.




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