Homemade TV Antenna Signal Booster

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An indoor digital TV antenna receives a broadcast signal being transmitted through the airwaves. To increase the signal strength of the signal being received, a simple antenna booster is all that is needed. Build a homemade antenna booster that is versatile enough to use with a Wi-Fi antenna when the TV antenna is not being used. All you need is a metal bucket that you can purchase at a hardware store or garden supply shop. Nothing unconventional or specialized is required. The antenna booster will help to ensure that the indoor TV antenna is receiving a stable broadcast signal.


Step 1

Place a bath towel next to the TV. Place the bucket upside face down on the bath towel. Place the stand of the indoor TV antenna on the top of the bucket.

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Step 2

Turn on the TV. Change the channel to a program you want to watch.


Step 3

Align the base of the TV antenna against the rim of the bucket at one side.

Step 4

Move the bucket along the rim in a clockwise motion while watching the channel.


Step 5

Stop moving the antenna once there is a stable signal--which is to say that the broadcast on the channel is sharp and clear.

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