How to Set up a Philips Indoor Antenna

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The Philips UHF/HDTV Indoor/Outdoor Antenna is a high-intensity HDTV antenna designed to provide a TV with a high-definition picture. The omnidirectional design of the antenna enables it to be used in any indoor location, rather than having to be pointed in the direction at the broadcast towers transmitting the TV signals. Setting up the Philips Indoor/Outdoor Antenna inside the home does not require any special skills, and only a few tools commonly found around the house will be needed.


Step 1

Place the wall bracket that is included with the antenna against the wall next to the TV that is to be used with it. Place screws into the holes in the bracket. Screw the bracket to the wall with the Phillips screwdriver.

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Step 2

Place the antenna bracket connected to the Philips UHF/HDTV Indoor/Outdoor Antenna onto the socket on the wall bracket. Screw in the screw to secure the antenna bracket to the socket with the screwdriver.


Step 3

Pull the protective cap on the bottom of the antenna away from the F socket beneath it. Screw in one end of the included coaxial cable into the F socket.

Step 4

Screw in the other end of the coaxial cable into the "ANT" coax input on the Power Injector module that comes with the antenna.


Step 5

Screw the coax connector on the Power Injector module onto the coax input on the TV.


Step 6

Plug the power cord of the included Power Injector module power supply into a wall socket. Plug the power socket of the power supply into the power port on the Power Injector module.


Step 7

Turn on the TV. Press the "Menu" button on the TV's remote. Go to "Video." Select "Video input." Select "ANT" from the list of choices beneath "Video input." Press the "Menu" button.

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