How to Hide the IR Illuminator Glow for a Security Camera

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A security camera often has a lit infrared LED on the front to indicate that it is functioning. While noticing the security camera can be an added deterrent to any intruder, you can render the IR LED's "glow" invisible should you not wish to call attention to the camera. Making the glow invisible to the naked eye requires a few supplies that can acquired from a hardware store or hobby shop if not already on hand.


Step 1

Tear off a strip of gray duct tape that is slightly longer than the panel that houses the IR LED. Place the duct tape directly over the panel on the security camera and press down with your fingers. Place a second piece of duct tape, identical to the first, over the panel. The density of the duct tape will prevent the glow from the IR LED from being seen.


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Step 2

Cut a square from the infrared "blocking" filter, also known as a cutoff filter, that is slightly larger than the IR panel on the front of the security camera. Tape the cu out piece of filter to the panel with strips of duct tape or masking tape. The glow from the IR LED will no longer be visible to the eye since the light wavelengths are now being blocked by the filter.



Step 3

Cut a piece of black construction paper that is slightly larger than the IR panel on the front of the security camera. Place the cut piece of construction paper on top of the panel so that the panel is covered. Tape the construction paper to the security camera's front with strips of masking tape to hide the illumination from the IR LED.



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