How to Hook Up Multiple TVs to One Antenna

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Do you have multiple TVs in your home and need to connect an antenna to more than one of them? Using one antenna works. You can get reception from a single location and you don't have to worry about differing reception on different TVs.

Step 1

Purchase an RF coaxial splitter/combined. This gold-plated device has one coaxial port at one end and two or three at the other end. Get one for however many TVs you want to connect.


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Step 2

Place or mount the antenna in the best location you can find. The higher up you can place it, the better the reception. It's a good idea to place it high enough where you can still reach it and near at least one TV set to see if it needs adjusting.

Step 3

Attach the antenna to the splitter through a standard RF coaxial cable. Use the single port that is by itself at one end of the splitter.


Step 4

Connect all the TV sets to the splitter using the multiple ports on the splitter's free end. Given that the sets will likely be in different rooms within the home, you will need much longer cable than normal. You will probably need more than one cable in excess of 100 feet.

Step 5

Secure the cables to avoid tripping or stepping on them. Taping them to the corner of the wall and floor with electrical tape will work.


Step 6

Turn on each TV set to confirm the working connection on each.

Step 7

Get a second splitter if you have more TV sets than available ports on the first splitter. Connect the two splitters together by attaching a cable to one of the multiple-side ports on the first and the single-side port on the second.

Things You'll Need

  • Antenna (analog or HD)

  • Splitter/combiner

  • RF coaxial cable


If any TV sets have recording devices like VCRs attached, remember to connect the splitter port to the input port on the recorder and the recorder's output to the TV.


You will need to purchase a device called a splitter for this, along with a lot of extra coaxial cable. But it can still be less expensive than multiple antennas especially HD antennas.