How to Insert Text in Paint

By Nick Peers

Discover how you can add text to your pictures in Microsoft Paint by using text boxes; add shapes to create more interesting effects.

Although it lacks the advanced editing capabilities of PowerPoint, CorelDRAW or GIMP, Microsoft Paint can add text to your photos. Use it to add text boxes anywhere in the picture and customize the text by changing the font family, color and size.

Step 1

Click the File button and select Open from the menu. Select the image you want to edit and click Open to open it in Microsoft Paint.


A list of pictures you've opened in Paint appears in the Recent Pictures section when you click the File button.

Step 2

Selecting the Text tool in Paint.

Click the button that looks like the letter A in the Tools group to select the Text tool.

Step 3

Creating a text box in Paint.

Click and drag on the picture -- or inside a shape -- to create a new text box. Select the font family and size from the Font group and then select the text color from the Colors group. Type the text into the text box.

Click outside the text box to exit editing mode and then press Ctrl-S to save the changes to the picture.


  • Click the Edit Colors button in the Colors group to select a custom color or input the red, green and blue values on an RGB color.
  • To make the text box opaque, click the Opaque button in the Background group. Change the color of an opaque text box by clicking Color 2 in the Colors group and then selecting a different color.
  • Resize the text box by dragging the resize handles or reposition it by dragging it on the image.
  • You can't select the text box after you exit editing mode, but you can undo the changes by pressing Ctrl-Z and then inserting it again.

Step 4

Selecting a shape from the Shapes menu.

Optionally, add a shape to the photo if you want to create an eye-catching effect. Click the Shapes button in the Shapes group and select one of the shapes. If Paint is maximized on the screen, the shapes are displayed in a box in the Shapes group; the Shapes button does not display.


  • The callout shapes are good choices if you want to insert text.
  • Change the color of the shape by selecting a different color fromthe Colors group. To change its thickness, select a different weightfrom the Size drop-down menu.

Step 5

Drawing a callout shape in Microsoft Word.

Click and drag on the image to create the new shape. Use the resize handles to resize the shape. Drag the shape to a different position on the picture to reposition it.