How to Insert Ticks in a Word Document

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Insert check mark symbols -- also known as ticks -- in your Microsoft Word documents; they're especially useful if the documents contain lists of items or products features. To insert various types of ticks, use the Symbol tool or their Alt codes.


To insert clickable check boxes in Microsoft Word, use the content controls from the Developer toolbar.

Using the Symbol Tool

Step 1

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Open the document in Microsoft Word, place the insertion point and then switch to the Insert tab.

Step 2

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Click the Symbol button in the Symbols group and select More Symbols from the menu to display the Symbol window.

Step 3

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Select Wingdings from the Font drop-down box and then scroll to the bottom of the list of symbols. Choose one of the four ticks and then click the Insert button to insert it into the document.


  • Insert as many ticks as you need. Just click Insert again to insert a new symbol.
  • Change the position of the insertion point in the document while the Symbol window is open and then insert the symbols where you need them.

Step 4

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To create a new shortcut key, select the tick in the Symbol window and click the Shortcut Key button to display the Customize Keyboard dialog.

Click inside the Press New Shortcut Key field and then press the shortcut key you want to use -- Alt-T for example. Click Assign to assign the shortcut to the symbol.

Using the Alt Codes

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Select the Home tab and switch the font to Wingdings in the Font group. To use Alt codes, you must use the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

Position the insertion point somewhere in the document, hold Alt, press 0252 on the numeric keypad and release the Alt key to make a check mark. To create an x mark, press 0251. To create a check mark or an x mark inside a black box, press 0254 or 0253, respectively.