How to Keep Number Locks on When Starting Windows

Turning number lock on manually every time you start Windows can be a pain. If you've ever wondered if there is a way to keep number lock on automatically every time you start your computer, follow the directions below. Setting Windows to automatically keep number lock on when starting is actually a fairly simple process.

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Open the Registry Editor by opening your Start Menu, pressing "Run" and then typing in "regedit." The Registry Editor will display on your screen.


From the left navigation pane, open HKEY_USERS / DEFAULT / CONTROL PANEL / Keyboard. Your keyboard's modification page will open up. From this page, right-click on "InitialKeyboardIndicators" and then press "Modify." In the "Value data:" text box, select and replace the current value with "2". Press "OK" and then close the Registry Editor.


Restarting your computer will complete the saving process by putting your changes into effect. You will see your number lock light flash on as soon as your computer begins to start up.

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