How to Keep Your Laptop Screen From Dimming When It Is Unplugged

By Techwalla Contributor

I used to hate when my laptop screen would go dark after I unplugged the power adapter. I could hardly see what was on the screen. I thought the laptop was useless unless it was plugged in. A year later I realized there was a way to keep the screen bright even when it wasn't plugged in. I thought for sure there were other people with this issue, so I decided to write a How-to about it. Here is how to keep your laptop screen from going dark when you unplug the power supply.

Step 1

First you must understand that there are thousands of brands, models, and types of laptops out there. It is hard to be all-inclusive when creating a laptop how-to. First look at the buttons on your keyboard. Look for keys that have a sun or light figure on them. It will not be the traditional white color, probably blue, or red, some off color. My particular laptop is a Dell Inspiron, and it has the symbols on the Up and Down arrows. It looks like a sun symbol.

Step 2

The symbols are blue in color, which means there has to be another key on the laptop that is also blue, that you will have to press in conjunction with these keys to perform the function. This is similar to a function key on a calculator.

Step 3

The default setting on your laptop is going to be power conserving. Meaning that when you unplug your laptop, the screen will dim to save power. You can change this by increasing the brightness. I consider myself to be fairly tech savy, but this took me a year to figure out. I'm shameful. So in conclusion, in order to keep your laptop screen bright, you need to turn up the brightness when the laptop is unplugged. Make note that when you do this, the power consumption will increase.